New SEO Copywriting Work Is Live

Great news, everyone!

cocina logo

Some New-(ish) Business to Consumer (B2C) SEO copywriting work has gone live.

Cocina Outdoors is a Texas-based company that manufactures an outdoor grill, based on the little-known – but delicious sounding – Southwestern tradition of repurposing plow discs as outdoor cooking implements. Also known as a “cowboy wok,” the discs are perfect for fajitas, tripas, tailgating classics like brats and wings, stir fries, and even stews and soups like traditional chili verde or chili colorado.

I’m pleased with the way the copy came out, and I think the site looks great as well. Austin design firm Creative Suitcase did the identity work, branding, and D&D (that’s design and development – not Dungeons and Dragons, nerds), seOverflow did the SEO, and I wrote the copy.


Pleasing two masters.

The messaging and copy on a project like this has to please two masters – the marketing team and the SEO folks. My job is to take the creative brief supplied by the branding/marketing team, and the SEO keyword matrix supplied by the SEO firm and somehow combine them into a guideline for writing persuasive copy that reads naturally.

In other words, just from reading the site, you shouldn’t necessarily be able to tell if the copy has been optimized for search or not, but Google or Bing can. SEO services were provided by seOverflow, who did their usual bang-on job of it.

It was a great project overall because

  • I got to find out about a “new,” cooking style, of which I was unaware
  • The interesting and delicious backstory of the product itself
  • An awesome client
  • And my fantastic partners in thoughtcrime, Jenn Chou at Creative Suitcase and Mike Vallano at seOverflow

So go check it out to see a great example of how I can help your company or agency combine effective, measurable SEO techniques with rock solid copywriting skills. And grab a new recipe while you’re there!