Case Study: Heather Graham & Sean Endsley

After working with luxury real estate guru Sean Endsley ( for several months updating content, and performing security updates for a WordPress site that was several years old by this time, Sean and I realized that it was time to upgrade to a modern, sleek and functional site.

Working closely together, we built a new site that is as functional as it is attractive, never forgetting that all the slickness in the world won’t matter if the site doesn’t work, is too slow, or is tough to navigate.

It took a bit of heavy customization to get to the look and feel demanded by this high end market, and to integrate it successfully with the IDX real estate search software. In the end the site has been successful at showcasing Heather and Sean’s beautiful homes, as well as their personal, award-winning service, with beautiful slide shows, fantastic photography, and persuasive copy.

  • Built, customized, and maintain WordPress website (
  • Regular security updates
  • Created wordmark logo
  • Regular content updates
  • Built additional luxury real estate sites (