Case Study: Iris Inc.

I was brought on by the digital marketing team at Iris Inc. ( to write my signature informative, entertaining, persuasive and search-driven blog posts for their own website, and for their partner websites and clients, many of whose target markets included millennials with their need for punchy, no-nonsense copy that would punch through the noise of their on-the-go lifestyles.

I pride myself in being able to integrate SEO keywords into marketing copy or blogging in a way that doesn’t sound “keyword-stuffed,” but rather conversational and organic. But I never forget that traffic is only the first step in successful marketing copy – the real goal is conversions and sales.

In the course of working with Iris, they came to entrust me with the backend, more technical side of onsite SEO in addition to crafting persuasive copy, and managing art and graphics for the service pages and posts I was in charge of.

  • Keyword research
  • Image research, selection, and management
  • Ongoing SEO-driven copy, and marketing content
  • Search-driven, informative, entertaining blog posts
  • Advertisement