Seamless Social Media Branding for You or Your Clients

Over the last few years, successful brands have gotten that way by crafting and delivering consistent messages across the ever-expanding universe of social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their blogs, more traditional channels – print collateral, radio and TV.

But too many small companies treat social media marketing as an afterthought. They know that they should be on Facebook, or have a LinkedIn profile, but when it comes time to sit down and tweet it out, they’re not sure what they want to say, when or how they should say it,  what they want to accomplish, or how social media is different from traditional marketing (and how it’s similar, as well).

Harness the power of the Social Web.

Get your business’ or your clients’ marketing agenda in front of customers how, where, and when they’re hanging out anyway – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Then use these exciting channels to publicize events or campaigns, build or enhance your credibility and thought leadership, drive your revenue, and build and maintain your brand.

IDioM from gives you the benefits and power of having a full time blogger and social media expert on staff for a fraction of the cost.

IDioM packages include

  • Strategic planning for social media
  • Social media content development and scheduling
  • Ghost blogging
  • Implementation and management

Call or email now for pricing, details, and other vital information. 303-915-5892